Opportunity Map: Mentoring for Diverse Suppliers to Win Business in the Wireless Industry

taught by The Wireless Infrastructure Association
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The Wireless Infrastructure Association
The Wireless Infrastructure Association

About the Instructor

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) is deeply committed to supporting small, diverse, high-quality suppliers to partner with larger wireless companies and grow their business

The WIA Supplier Diversity team has created this web-based, on-demand training to serve as a mentoring program to educate and empower small businesses to better compete for contracts in the wireless industry.

Wireless Infrastructure Association
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Leveraging the power of supplier diversity works best when small business owners have a clear roadmap to success. This online training will help small and diverse business owners navigate the supplier diversity qualification process. The tutorials also offer advice on building industry relationships and generating ongoing revenue through procurement opportunities available at wireless companies.

Course Contents

1 Quiz
4 Texts
6 PDFs
4 Audios
1.3 hrs